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LOADMASTER for world’s biggest crane vessel. Read more>>

New product - DRAFTMASTER. Read more>>

New damage rules for tankers 2016. Read more>>

LOADMASTER X5 offer a complete package for AHTS vessels. Read more>>

Successful story - The Kockumation Group company Kockum Sonics AB delivers Ballast Automation system SHIPMASTER and remote level gauging system Levelmaster H8 to Semisubmersible “West Alpha” owned by North Atlantic Drilling. Read more>>

Marine Alignment is now a part of Kockumation Group. On September 1st the Kockumation Group aquired 100% of the shares in Marine Alignment a/s.
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Kockum Sonics delivers complete SHIPMASTER ballast and bilge automation to Swissmarine Inc vessels M/V Sun and M/V Clear Sky. Read more>>

Successful story - Main boiler control retrofits on 4 NGSCO LNG/C ships. Read more>>

Kockum Sonics whistles easily replaces Saracom whistles.
For more information, download "Guideline for replacing" >>"

Kockumation Group forms a new and competent lineup, consisting of Kockum Sonics along with the recently made acquisitions of Texon Automation and Polarmarine...
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Kockum Sonics launches explosion proof sound emitter, which complies with ATEX directive 94/9/EC.
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Kockum Sonics delivers Cargo & Ballast Automation system SHIPMASTERŽ to Chemical Tanker "INDRA" managed by LSC Shipmanagement.
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Kockum Sonics delivers level and draught gauging system LEVELMASTERŽ and loading computer LOADMASTERŽ to Multi Purpose Vessel "Texas Horizon" owned by Horizon Offshore Conractors.
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Kockum Sonics delivers level and draught gauging system LEVELMASTERŽ to Submersible "Borgholm Dolphin" owned by Dolphin drilling.
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Kockum Sonics count 250,000 Bbls onboard the FPSO Girassol.
Read about the successful replacement of loading computer.

Kockum Sonics level gauging system NLM 200 is regretfully not fully covered with spares. There are a very limited number of replacement units left. In order to support our kind customers we are pleased to introduce a cost efficient upgrade package. Please see attached leaflet or contact Kockum Sonics' sales department. Read more>>

Installation of Sonic Cleaning for Ljungstroem Air preheater at Gorgas steamplant, Alabama, USA.
2 IKT230/170 installed on the inlet sides for both air and gas. After 6 months of normal operation still no wear on diaphragms due to new design.
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Successful upgrade of LOADMASTER® On-Board FSO Knock Nevis. Read more>>

New train whistle brochure ready for download. Read more>>

now also prints detailed bayplans. Full user configuration of details to be printed. Read more>>

SCS, Safety Cargo System.
Report in swedish. Read more>>