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MTX 150/130
For vessels of 200 m or more in length
Contactor Unit TK 80
See separate leaflet KSM742
Sound frequency (basic):
130 Hz
Sound Pressure Level
acc to IMO (1/3 oct band):
>143 dB/1m
Sound Level A-weighted:
146 dBA/1m
Rated current:
12.5A /440V at 20
8A / 690V at 20
Electrical protection class:
IP 56
Galvanized nat.
Grey RAL 7030
White RAL 9003
Weight (approx.):
70 kg
General Information
MTX 150/130
is an electrically driven
piston ship’s whistle. It is built up of comparatively few
moving parts as the “swinging piston”, no lubricated cylinder
and an oil free gearbox.
Important features:
• unsymmetrical sound distribution
• operates in all ambient temperatures without any
additional measures
• unaffected by voltage and frequency fluctuations
• oil free, maintenance free and non–corrosive
• easy to install
• complies fully with the International Regulations
IMO 1972
Technical Data
Power Supply
Ref No
MTX 150/130 3 ph 380-440 V 60 Hz 24800287
MTX 150/130 3 ph 380-440 V 50 Hz 24800534
MTX 150/130 3 ph 660-690 V 60 Hz 24800535
MTX 150/130 3 ph 660-690 V 50 Hz 24800536
Operates in all temperatures without any
additional measures
MTX 150/130
will give a high
performance in both arctic and tropical climates.
A patented system with a high efficiency rectangular
horn and a specially designed motor will match the motor
speed to the acoustic resonance of the horn at any
ambient temperature without any additional measures.
This system also prevents the whistle from being affected
by voltage and frequency fluctuations in onboard mains.
Unsymmetrical Sound Distribution
The IMO Regulations stipulate a very high Sound
Pressure Level for efficient signaling, yet the sound level
of the vessel's own signal at the listening posts shall not
exceed 110 dBA.
A common way to solve this “paradox” is to place the
whistle very high above deck. But what if the highest point
is not high enough? For example: to reduce the noise
from the signal by 6 dB, the distance between the
listening post and the whistle must be doubled!
MTX 150/130
with Unsymmetrical
Sound Distribution is the solution. The horn with its unique
vertically extended front, and a specially created sound
spectrum will reduce the noise on deck with 6–8 dB
compared to a conventional whistle with circular outlet.