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Dimensions, Installation and Maintenance
Motor Control
KockumSonic’s Contactor Unit TK 80 is especially developed
to control the
MTX 150/130
• Motor start
• Motor overload protection
• Winding heating of motor for anti-condensation purpose.
For full description see data sheet KSM742.
MTX 150/130
shall be fixed with four
M12 screws that must be firmly tightened and locked.
Mount the whistle on a platform supplied with a safety rail.
As the whistle is subject to vibration on starting and stopping,
flexible electric cables should be used nearest the motor.
The gland on the electric Motor Terminal Box is M 32 for
cable Ø 17 - 28 mm.
Optional: M 25 for cable Ø 9-20 mm.
Recommended power cable section:
For cable length up to 100 m
Ø 4 mm
For cable length over 100 m
Ø 6 mm
Recommended fuses slow 20A
All components are chosen to withstand corrosion and to
give a minimum of maintenance.
The crankcase and foundation is hot galvanized. The
motor is marine coated - Marine C4 class.
The horn is made of glass fiber armed polyester (white).
The cylinder is non lubricated and the gearbox is entirely
oil free.
MTX 150/130
is designed to give
long reliable service without routine maintenance, but
a periodic inspection always gives early warning of any
faults that may develop.