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Trouble shooting and refurbishing
• The motor (driver) is always delivered with the driving gear wheel mounted on the shaft.
• Do not reuse the old gear wheel, it is made of bakelite and pressed with tight fit and may be damaged when remo-
• Lubricate the teeth of the gearwheels with the grease enclosed in the set.
• Change always piston and piston rod together. When loosening and retightening the piston screw counter hold with a
spanner on the flat surfaces of the piston rod just above the piston to avoid twisting the rod.
• Lubricate the piston rod bearing and fill half of the volume inside the bearing cover with high-speed roller bearing
grease enclosed in the set.
• The gear shaft as spare part is delivered complete with front bearing and gear wheel.
Do not remove rear bearing if not necessary, it is fixed in the crank case.
• Do not reuse the steel gear wheel, it is warm pressed with very tight fit and may be damaged when removed/remoun-
• On inspection or change of parts, always replace O-rings, circlips, the piston rod sealing ring with new ones.
• Lock all screws with Loctite 242 or similar locking liquid.
In case of insecurity do not hesitate to contact Kockum Sonics for guidance.
Kockum Sonics can also carry out repair or deliver refurbished unit to a reduced price.
Motor is not running Check the wirings for possible
shortcut or insulation error.
Change the motor together with the motor gearwheel.
Motor is running slow,
Weak sound
Check the wirings for possible
shortcut or insulation error.
If motor OK check and change, if required, the shaft with
Motor is running, only
mechanical noise
Check the piston, piston rings
and piston rod.
Change damaged components. It is not necessary to
disassembly the motor.
Powerful vibration,
entire unit
Check the vibration dampers.
Change if damaged
Trouble shooting, refurbishing
Prior to any work on the unit disconnect power.
Eliminate possible power failure; check the voltage of every phase on motor wire terminals.