The TYFONIC® family of alarm sound emitters are
electronically driven. They are mainly used for civil defence
alarm, industrial alarm, chemical accidents, gas terminals,
tornado warnings etc.

The TYFONIC® sound emitters can generate various alarms
and also for transmission of speech.
In combination with Control Cabinet TK 250-500-750 allows
the maximum acoustic propagation on the horizontal plane,
and excellent omni directional radiation.
A high acoustic efficiency is achieved through the unique
design of the horns and the integrated compression elements.

The materials from which the sound emitter is made have
been chosen to withstand all climates, from arctic to tropical.

The device is totally maintenance-free. It is equally simple to
fit to a house facade, house roof or freestanding mast.
CE-labelled and complies with Directives 73/23/EEC and
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