KOCKUM SONICS MARINE has its heritage in ship
design and ship construction from the well-known
Kockum Shipyard.

The product line consists of TYFON®, acoustic signal
system, LOADMASTER® loading computers,
LEVELMASTER® level gauging systems, SHIPMASTER®
cargo and ballast automation and INSONEX® sonic
cleaning for marine applications.All with strong positions
on the market.

All products and software are developed in close
cooperation with sailing masters and naval architects as
well as ship owners and classification societies.
We always focus on onboard operation.

SHIPMASTER® Cargo & Ballast Automation
TYFON® Marine signalling equipment for all kind of vessels
LEVELMASTER® Tank gauging systems
LOADMASTER® Stress- and stability calculations and cargo planning
EDIRITE® The BAPLIE Message General Tool
INSONEX® Sonic cleaning equipment (boilers etc), infrasound
WIM® Water Ingress Monitoring for Bulk Carriers
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