TYFON - Ship horn - Ship whistle systems

From classic "honks" to complete acoustic systems A Kockum
Sonics whistle is not only a high-quality design, it also contains
the experience of more than 1 million TYFON® installations!
Audibility is determined not simply by the strength of sound
emanating from the whistle - much more is entailed to
overcome absorption, distortion and local noise. This quality is
the result of more than 80 years of development.
The TYFON® fulfils all current IMO and national authority

The complete package
A wide range of TYFON® models is available.
Irrespective of whether one is needed for a small yacht,
working boat, super tanker, bulk carrier or for a cruising
vessel such as the Queen Mary, there is a TYFON® for you.
TYFON® can be electric or driven by air.
The complete package consist of an electric or
pneumatically operated TYFON®, together with a signalling
system consisting of a controller, bell and gong, lights etc.

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