SHIPMASTER - Cargo & Ballast Automation System
Why should you select SHIPMASTER?
Retrofits: Typically older vessels have automation systems
based on old technology and spare parts are rapidly becoming
scarce and expensive if not obsolete. A system failure can be
very costly. Apart from having a modern user interface and
advanced system capabilities our system is based on standard
PC components giving our customers access to spare parts at
very low prices with great availability.

Kockum Sonics can provide ship owners with
total flexibility in choice of gauging systems, valves, pumps,
alarms etc. Pick your favourite subsystems and we will
integrate them into one solution and a modern platform.
Giving you the best system the market can offer that fulfils
your needs.

Installation flexibility meeting your needs
Kockum Sonics provides a solution for ship owners who
want to have the better of two worlds. Keep the parts of the
automation system that has proved itself worthwhile and
replace the parts that are not up to scratch. Kockum Sonics
has developed and tested SHIPMASTER using its long
experience in marine business. , Tel: +46(0)40 671 88 00, Fax: +46(0)40 21 65 13