Sonic Cleaning

Sonic cleaning is a Cost-efficient cleaning method for
industrial applications.
Kockum Sonics has developed and installed Sonic Cleaning
products since the early 1970´s. Kockum Sonics is
unsurpassed in the variety of applications offered. Our
development of various sound emitters has been done in
close co-operation with our customers, as well as with
several boiler and catalyst cell manufacturers.
We at Kockum Sonics can offer you the best and widest
range of sonic cleaning products backed-up with our core
knowledge in acoustics and long experience from process
technology. Our products are among other applications,
used for boilers, SCR´s and Filters as well as for Food and
fine chemical applications.

SONOFORCE® Powerful Audible Sonic Sound Emitters
INSONEX® Infrasound Generators used in special applications
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