INSONEX is the name of Kockum Sonics group of Infrasound
Generators used for Sonic Cleaning.

The sound is created by means of compressed air that is
passing through a valve head with a piston and a resonance
tube. Our standard range of these Infrasound Generators
has been successfully installed in applications having a gas
temperature of up to 800 degree Celsius (1470 degree F).

Our HT versions for high temperature applications, has
been installed for gas temperatures up to 1260 degree
Celsius (2300 degree F), where our INSONEX has replaced
retractable steam soot blowers totally. Compared with steam
soot blowers, our INSONEX System is cheaper to purchase,
operate, install and do maintenance on.

The other great advantages compared with steam soot blowers
are that our INSONEX System will not cause any additional wear
of the boiler tubes. This means that the lifetime of the boiler tube
packages will become longer. , Tel: +46(0)40 671 88 00, Fax: +46(0)40 21 65 13